Recommeded Best Binary Options Trading Brokers and Sites listed

Recommended Best Binary Options Trading Brokers and Sites listed 2017 – Binary options trading is one of the most highly anticipating trading systems in the world today. People from all over the world are indulged in this trading. And why not? After all, there is a lot of money in this field. But every sunny day ends in darkness. Just like the line suggests, there are many scams that have emerged out of nowhere & now they are all over the internet. These scams are so dangerously created, that they have literally eaten so much of money from the traders in the recent years.

Here, I’ll not talk about the scams. In this article, I’ll list out all the legit software available in the market.

So, coming straight to the point, here are some of the legit software that you can rely on without any doubts.

1. Option Robot

“Option Robot” a name that is very popular in the present binary options trading market. It is undoubtedly one of the most trusted software of binary options trading. The Option Robot executes trades automatically, directly to the linked account of the broker, of the trader.

The good thing this software has is that it is totally easy to use. No previous experience or knowledge about trading is required in order to trade using this software. All you have to do is sign up with Options Robot at its official website, follow the instructions to register for an account & you’re all set to trade.

Option Robot has managed to make a name for itself in the market in a very short time, due to it’s highly customizable service. The Option Robot offers the traders with three choices of profitable binary trading.

They are the Classic (this always trades the exact amount), the Martingale (this system makes a rise in the amount for a profit after a loss & then falls down back to the original amount of the trade) & lastly, the Fibonacci (this individually calculates the sequence for each pair of currency, which results in a rise in trade after getting a loss & falls down after winning). Option Robot has 6 adjustable indicators. They are RSI, Trend, Williams, Stoch, MACD & CCI.

The Option Robot requires no download or installation, & is supported with almost all the operating systems, namely Mac, Windows, Android etc. Although, a minimum amount of $200 is required to be deposited for registering for an account.

There are only three steps of getting access to this software.

  • Sign up with Option Robot for free.
  • Joining a preferred broker.
  • Deposit & start trading.

2. Automated Binary

Automated Binary is another name in the list that cannot be left out. This is one of the simplest binary software. Using this software enables the traders to choose the assets where the system can trade in, in the settings tab. The technology that the software uses, selects the settings to choose the best trades. The trader can choose any 1 of these systems mentioned below:

  • The amount of the trades are always kept the same by the Classic & is considered the safest method of the three.
  • The Martingale raises amounts of trade that follows a loss so that a profit can be generated & then drops back to the original trade amount.
  • The amount of trades are dropped after wins & raised after loses which is carried out by the mathematical sequence of Fibonacci.

Just like the previously mentioned Option Robot, the Automated Binary also has three simple steps to register for an account.

  • An account can be created for free at its official website.
  • Choose a broker as per the preference of the user from the extensive list provided in its official website.
  • Deposit a minimum amount of $200 & start trading.

3. Binary Option Auto Trading


It is a newly launched binary options trading software. The team behind this software are people who have already worked for other different binary options trading softwares previously. The signing up procedure is very simple & literally straight forward. It nearly takes about 30 seconds to get over with the sign up procedure.

On signing up with the software, the user will be connected to the robot having access to the first ever broker account, in the first log in itself. After that the user needs to configure the system robot to match the risk level & trading options. Then the only thing left to be done is wait for signals & once it is seen, the automated robot will do the trade on the user’s behalf.

This software doesn’t require any download, runs on secured servers 24×7, even when the user is offline. The user can get started with this software in just 2 simple steps. First of all, the user will have to sign up to an account for free. & finally, deposit to the preselected trusted broker & then he can access to the trading.

4. Binary Option Robot

This is another software that is just incredible. Now, I used the word “incredible” because it indeed is because it has got a very unique feature of trading even when the trader is offline. Isn’t that great? It is also considered as a very smoothly running automated software for the binary options trading, due to its ease in using.
Like the previously mentioned softwares, this too doesn’t require any sort of downloads or purchases, however a certain amount is required for the registration. The account is totally free of cost. The users don’t require any kind of installations as well.

The steps to get access to the software is also very easy. The steps are:

  • Sign up for free.
  • Join a preferred broker.
  • Deposit a preferred amount & start trading.

5. Mike’s Auto Trader

Mike’s Auto Trader, the name itself suggests that the developer of the software Michael Freeman (who happens to be one of the binary options trading expert & a mentor) has done everything in his power to make it work; after all he gave it his own name. The software is not at all new in the market & is one of the leading names when it comes to binary options trading.

The trading software is fully automated, 100% free which earlier had to be donated a donation but he recently upgraded the software & made some few changes to it. He also claimed that whoever sign up to the software could be able to get a free entry to his community (group) in Facebook.

The speciality of his Facebook group is that Michael Freeman is one of the most highly respective person in the binary options trading world & his signals service is considered among the highly respected of all. It doesn’t require any fee of any kind, or any amount for registering with broker of binary options trading. It has seven administrators & members over 1000, presently.

The trading software is totally web-based. There is no necessity of purchasing or downloading anything in your device. Michael Freeman has also claimed that he had personally tested the software in every operating system & is compatible with them all.

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The Guide Conclusion:

So, these are the softwares that you can rely on & trade without having any doubts of any kind. I hope this article is helpful to you. I appreciate your stay, thanks for being here.