How an Orthodontist Treats Crooked Teeth?

Most of us want the perfect smile that is similar to the straight smiles we see advertised on TV. All you have to do is take a closer look at other people near you to know that they too are struggling with crooked teeth. Opting for timely treatment provided by an orthodontist in Medford is the best way to overcome this problem.

What Types of Crooked Teeth Do You Get?

Some of you didn’t even know that different types require a unique way of treating it. Find the best dentist office Medford, OR here.

Pediatric dentists or an Orthodontist would classify crooked teeth into broader categories. These are malocclusions and crossbites.

The latter is mainly found among kids. Cross-bites can be broken down into two categories, namely:

  1. Posterior: One of the most common forms of cross-bites where your teeth are gapped unevenly.
  2. Anterior: This is the kind of cross-bite you come across with kids who thumb suck to the extent that the lower and upper teeth do not meet each other.

What about malocclusions? That would be once the lower part of your teeth is set way beyond the upper teeth. It is the kind of scenario you find with people breathing through their mouth.

Reasons Why People Have Crooked Teeth

Genetics are among the primary reasons we have to cope with crooked teeth, which is mostly to do with the size of one’s mouth. The smaller your mouth, the bigger the chances that you’ll have to sit with this problem. The skull, jaw development, and vertebral bone have a lot to do with your cranial disbalance. However, misaligned jaws may also result in difficulties with crooked teeth.

Bad habits: Breathing through your nasal passages are said to encourage proper teeth and jaw development as opposed to when you breathe through your mouth. The expansion of the upper jaw and the maxilla takes place through normal nose breathing. Many of us develop the habit of breathing through our mouths. Once this forms a habit, then due to obstruction it would increase the pressure that you’ll find in the nasal airways. When you reached this point, you need to consult with your dental specialist to correct your breathing patterns.

Incorrect tongue and lip posture: Poor tongue and lip posture is another common reason why we are saddled with out of shape teeth. Ideally, your lips should be firmly placed on each other. If they don’t, you should consult with your doctor.

Oral behavior: Use of pacifiers and thumb sucking should be restricted as much as possible.

How Do You Treat Crooked Teeth?

Allow an experienced specialist to inspect the teeth patterns, then they might recommend braces to correct the problem.

Adults may be too embarrassed to wear traditional braces. They can, of course, opt for clear aligners or lingual braces. The treatment offered by orthodontic dentists has no age limit. Although there is a specific timing for the duration of the procedure. Whenever you feel the first signs of crooked teeth, you should not delay in having them checked out by a professional orthodontist.

Apart from obvious cosmetic advantages, what makes having straight teeth so wonderful?

Straight teeth do not just make your smile stunning, but they bring your teeth in correct proportion as well as your face and lips.

Is that all? These are cosmetic advantages, not so? How else may one benefit from having straight teeth?

Let’s have a look

  • Ensure more comfortable brushing as the bristles of your toothbrush can reach just about every point of your tooth surface to ensure a proper scrubbing.
  • Flossing becomes hassle-free.
  • Healthy gums are among the advantages you would experience from straight teeth as the bacterial load that resides on various surfaces would subside.
  • Healthy heart as your mouth won’t be as loaded with various food debris that would hike harmful bacteria. The bacteria travel down to vital organs such as the heart that may cause infection.
  • No bad breath as a clean mouth leaves no room for bad breath. Straight teeth make the whole cleaning process so much easier to the extent that there is no room for food particles remaining inside your mouth.

Anyone with crooked teeth who feels there is no problem with it is sadly mistaken. Visit your orthodontic specialist for a checkup at your earliest convenience so they may advise whether a correction is needed or not.