Why Payette River Rafting is a Superb Idea Under Any Given Circumstance

Rather than settling for the norm, you may want to engage in Rogue River rafting as something out of the ordinary. Look out for River Raft & Kayak Adventures Orange Torpedo.

What about outdoor adventures in the form of whitewater rafting, which is a favorite pastime for many? It provides people with numerous opportunities to participate in adventurous sports and experience a different take on what they are used to doing.

Some of the popular outdoor activities related to adventure sports include:

  • Parasailing
  • Bungee jumping
  • Horse riding
  • Scuba diving with charter boats
  • Reef snorkeling, shallow water snorkeling, and cold water snorkeling
  • White-water kayak adventures where one would utilize a motorized inflatable raft or an inflatable paddle raft
  • Rock climbing

Most of these adventure sports involve group bookings. Another thing about such sports would be the safety of the equipment used such as specialized sports gear like safety vests, like jackets, diving suits, and more. After all, the person who participates in these sports, life depends on the quality of the equipment used.

Another huge must is for companies who offer such activities to employ qualified and certified guides and support staff.

Also, they need to ensure relevant first aid equipment is made available on site for medical assistance should an accident take place.

Also, the cooperation and support of various third parties like national park administrators, transportation companies for pick up and drop off, and hotels are needed to ensure the smooth operation of outdoor sports companies.

Then, there is the need for outfitters to have the necessary licenses and permits in place. Especially, river raft companies, which would require a river guide certificate as well. The reason being is that most of these events happen at public locations or national parks.

Another critical requirement to do with a sports adventure business would be liability insurance to cover accidents and deaths.

Cold Weather Photography Tips for River Rafters

Many time you would hear a whitewater rafter, even the experience ones exclaim – “Oh my word, it’s freaking cold today.” You get three levels of cold; cold, darn cold, and the other one (Not mentioning it here as it is, after all, a family channel)

Cold weather certainly takes its toll on photographers and their equipment. This is why traditional film technology may be a better option than digital technology. The film gets brittle during extreme cold. But, static electricity may prove to be more of a problem, and digital camera batteries do not do well in the cold because of the lithium and nicad counterparts.

What About Protecting the Photographer from the Cold?

No doubt, the photographer is the more important than his or her equipment. Here is how they can protect themselves:

  • Wear sufficient layers of warm clothing all over to stay warmer and provide greater flexibility to cope with changing weather conditions. Polypropylene style clothing will keep you warm even when wet. Combine this with either Gore-Tex or a waterproof shell garment, and you have yourself a winner.
  • Safeguard your hands as frostbite is not fun. During extremes, you may want to settle for a polypro glove liner that is followed by a heavier outer mitten or glove. Hunters use a combo glove, which is something you may want to consider wearing. These have an inner set, consisting of fingerless gloves that are equipped with a mitten flap provide additional warmth. You can simply flip it over when the need arises.
  • Our bodies burn more calories when its cold weather. Therefore you should eat for the cold. It is important to consume sufficient calories to help you get through a cold weather outdoor shoot. However, you should focus on the type of calories you take in. Just one gram of carbohydrate carries about four calories of energy compared to one gram of fat that equals nine calories of energy. Consuming meals that are high in fat before a cold weather shoot will help one remain warmer as the body works harder to metabolize the fat. Make a point to carry some high-fat snacks to nibble on in the cold.
  • Do your best to avoid working up a sweat by managing your body temperature better. Especially if you wear old-fashioned thermal underwear that is made of cotton that tends to lose its effectiveness once its gets wet. The thing is under extremely cold conditions, our sweat freezes quickly and requires more body heat to melt the ice later once we’ve cooled down again.